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To Enrich the Lives of People by Helping Them to Conquer Themselves and Achieve More in Their Personal and Professional Lives.

Conquer Yourself

Reach new heights, improve your self-esteem, balance your life, and achieve more than you ever imagined.
We offer several convenient ways to get the assistance you need to Conquer Yourself.

Private Sessions

Work directly with the coach via Skype™ from anywhere in the world at a time convenient for you.


We offer an intensive three, five or seven day retreat in Ocala, Florida, USA, where you can get away from the daily noise and focus on Conquering Yourself.


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Video Sessions

We have dozens of short video sessions on topics of all kinds offering helpful tips, resources and knowledge to build a better, happier and more productive lifestyle. Also on YouTube.

Ask the Coach

Have a question for the Coach? Submit your question directly by email and the Coach will send you a personalized response.

Video Sessions

Every week the Coach adds new video sessions to help you learn more about yourself and how to cope with others.

June 4th, 2017
Emotional Strength

New Sessions Updated Weekly

Watch video sessions on topics like Relationships, Emotional Growth, Codependency,
Anger, Overcoming Failure, Toxic Emotions, Dysfunctional Families and many more.

Invest In Yourself

All the resources you need to build a better life and achieve your personal goals on a schedule convenient to you.


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Perpetual Contentment

Throughout our lifetime we will move in and out of our state of happiness. There are some who will find lasting happiness. There are others who will find happiness to be an ever elusive condition. In both cases, it can take an entire lifetime to understand why there is such a wide gap between the two. That changes today.

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The Greatest Challenge

It is inexplicable how humans compare us to others. No matter what it is about, we continually focus on others.

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"No such thing as spare time. No such thing as free time. No such thing as down time. All you got is life time. Go!"
- Henry Rollins -

Directory of Services

Use this directory to locate Service Providers in your area and around the world.

Emotional Café Service Providers are businesses and professionals that have made either a one-time donation or provide ongoing corporate sponsorship in support of EmotionalCafe.com

Please Note: Emotional Café is not directly affiliated with any Service Provider and does not assume responsibility for any loss or damage incurred in interactions with these Providers. We offer this list as a Professional Source Reference Only.

Xiomara Mayo Ingram

Certified Professional Life Coach
Ocala, Florida, USA
(Worldwide Access via Skype)
English / Español

Lic. Ozary Lluberes

Clinical Psychologist M.A.
Dominican Republic

Angel Lagares

Certified Recovery Specialist
National Certified Recovery Coach
Latino Recovery Advocate
Miami, Florida, USA
Email: lagares441@gmail.com
Phone: 561.727.7588

Larry Ingram

Digital Marketing Specialist
Ocala, Florida, USA
English / Español
Email: psyberserf@gmail.com
Phone: 386.227.6768

Eucentro Psychology & Other Specialties

c/o Jacinto Mañon #48
Dominican Republic On Facebook

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Emotional Café is a Free Service providing resources to help everyone achieve their very best and Conquer Themselves.
We are reaching thousands of people all over the world who need the power of positive resources.
Your donation or sponsorship could make the difference in the lives of many people.

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Meet The Coach

Xiomara Mayo Ingram M.Ed. C.P.L.C.

Xiomara is a certified life coach and educator with vast experience in both individual and corporate coaching. She has been a motivational speaker and group facilitator for women, families, addiction and codependency groups.

Her direct approach is results oriented and clients enjoy a noticeable difference with her assistance. She provides local assistance in Central Florida, USA, as well as long distance coaching sessions with individuals in the United States, Canada, Europe, Dominican Republic and others.

She currently writes blog articles and is in the process of publishing two of her books “Of Course You Can!” and “Til Death Do Us Part”.


"It isn't about where we stand, it's about what direction we are moving."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes -


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  • Conquer Yourself
  • "Conquer Yourself" is a boost for self-motivation to help you put your actions together right away and give you the quality of life you really want.

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  • As children we dream about the "Love Of Our Life." We harbor expectations of the person to whom we will give our heart. Sadly, there is so much we never learned about relationships.
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