A Lesson From the Past

In 2010 I was going through a very hard moment in my life. The job I had was pretty much done. I didn’t have much of a job offer ahead of me, just a single pay check that was not enough to even buy my son’s medicine for a month (no less to pay rent, buy food, transportation, etc...)

At that moment, I got a call from the Director of a Counseling Center offering me a job as a therapist. Aware I had no knowledge in the field, I was being sent to to get credit hours with an amazing teacher and tutor, all expenses covered (around 6,000 Dollars).

I can’t start listing all kind of excuses I gave NOT TO BECOME A COUNSELOR. I didn’t think I would be good at it. I didn’t think I would be able to rent a car because I didn’t have a credit card. I couldn’t go because I didn’t have anyone to leave my kids with. Anyway, ALL EXCUSES.

The plain truth was I DIDN’T WANT TO DO IT. I had already moved to so many new fields that I was so tired and afraid to move AGAIN, and to have to start from scratch. I kept praying, asking God to please find me a job in the same areas I had already worked on (which I felt confident and happy about), but God’s answer was NO.

I kept finding myself with no choices and I had to do something or my kids and I would be kicked out of our apartment and out into the streets.

Long story short, every single excuse I gave God found the solution in ways I couldn’t continue saying no. The kids went to visit their father that summer, so I didn’t have to worry about them. Someone offered to rent the car for me under her name so that was taken care of. The teacher worked her schedule with me and before I knew it, off I was to learn a new trade.

I must confess, the first week I cried every day on my way to the center where I was required to do my observations. I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel any better. However, by week 3 I was a totally different person.

This time, I was crying over my own stubbornness and not realizing how foolish I had been. God was holding my blessings right there, in my face, but I was too afraid to see them. I realized THIS IS NO LONGER ME DOING THE JOB. THIS IS GOD!!!!!

I started a new spiritual path and an amazing rewarding new job experience that at times made me question why it took me so long. People I was working with could never imagined me doing something other than counseling. Yet in 2012, God was moving me again to a new direction.

Sometimes God won’t ask our permission to move us. Most of the time He doesn’t expect us to be experts in a certain field because HE IS THE EXPERT!!! Sometimes, all God wants is to show us all the amazing things He can do THROUGH US AND IN US so we may continue receiving and enjoying the incredible blessings he has for us.

Yes, my life has been quite a journey, a learning process that sometimes I make more painful than it needs to be. I keep learning to trust God every day. I know that He is great and when it comes to the movie of my life, it will get better simply because HE DOESN’T PRODUCE BAD MOVIES.

Today I share with you, my friend, if you find yourself saying “no, I can’t do this…” “no, I don’t enjoy this…”, my experience showed me, GOD WON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE. When you finally give up and say, “okay, Lord, I’ll do it, but you’ll have to do it because I’m totally incapable of doing this,” HE WILL DO AMAZING THINGS AND WILL MOVE YOU ON TO NEW CHALLENGES.

My words for your heart are to stop fighting God and let go. He will do whatever takes. Therefore, let go and let God.


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