Breaking Free

Genuine freedom is a double-edged sword. For most people, it is nothing more than an illusion. In fact, in many ways some people will never have complete freedom. There will always be something they are bound to either by choice or design.

If you are married, a parent, religiously inclined or employed out of necessity you are anything but free. You have a certain level of freedom no doubt. But you are bound to your responsibility as a husband or wife, father or mother. You are confined and restricted by your moral compass. You are bound to your job, enslaved for the sake of your very own existence.

It might occur to you that these things are not necessarily true. You might argue that you can get a divorce. Those of us who have been divorced know that you will never be completely free of the other person. If you have lost a child then you are fully aware that child will always be with you, and as a parent our children are forever there to bind us in place for one reason or another.

Having a firm foundation in religious principles we might convince ourselves we won't act contrary to our faith. In some cases that may be true. However, too often we choose to abandon our morals and when we do we forever carry with us the burden of contrary choices. Those contrary choices have an ugly way of coming back to haunt us.

We can't argue that as long as we need an income to support our lifestyle we are enslaved by our occupation. Even if we are financially well off there is no release from the burden of taxes. Does not wealth call for the investment of nice things and luxurious travel? Are there not those around who plot to take what we have or envy us for our blessings? Bounty in itself is a heavy burden to the freedom of our soul.

In most cases, those freedoms are the illusion. They are confinements that we don't have much ability, if any, to abandon. There are rather some very important freedoms that we can all posses. Freedom from expectations, freedom from resentments, from chaos and attachments are but a few.

We set ourselves up for expectations. We think we can control other people or we assume we are entitled to something we necessarily are not. We can be free of resentments by choosing not to entertain them. Resentments are always self-imposed.

Chaos is a matter of perception or intervention. When we try to control a situation or someone around us we become the source of chaos. By choosing to step back and react with love and understanding we can in most cases avoid chaos in our lives.

Attachments place the burden of dependency upon ourselves to have what others have rather than finding satisfaction in the things we have. We often choose to love people who refuse to return those feelings. And we latch onto things in our lives that have no genuine value, things that are destructive and have only a perceived value that we place upon them. Latching onto things, obsessions or addictions enslaves us.

Yes, genuine freedom doesn’t come easy. It implies our willingness to do whatever it takes to break free from our own fears, our comfort zone and those patterns that have been ruling our lives with no other purpose than to simply survive. Genuine freedom might be hard to experience, but once we do, we realize there is no other way of living.


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