Making Time for What's Really Important

One of the great feelings of running early is the feeling of the cool early morning air sweeping over you. It's so refreshing, especially after you've just pushed yourself through some challenging exercise.

I wish everyone could feel what it’s like. It's a simple pleasure of life that everyone should get to experience at one time or another.

Too often we say, "I'd love to exercise/eat better/do what I enjoy but, I don't have time"? The honest truth of that is that we do have time. We all have time. We just choose to use it in different ways. Sure, we have a job or a business to run. That takes time. We have to get there, commute maybe. That takes some more time. We have a family to make dinner for, or wash their clothes, or check up on homework, or whatever. All demands on our precious time.

So when do we do it?

Look at the other time that we have. Watching TV, or being online. Before work, like I do, or right after work. The time that we spend "getting comfortable". Comfort is the enemy, my friends.

I used to wish I had more time. I slept five hours a night, ate whatever I could get my hands on, used every minute to “get things done.” Like I had a little pretend manager or boss chasing me around. I kept thinking, “This is going to catch up with me one of these days.”

I started having chest pressure in 2015, whenever I did anything physical. I’d rest, it would go away. Finally, my wife got me to get it checked out. My left main artery was 99% blocked; I had open heart surgery the next day. That was six months ago.

We tend to go two different ways after an experience like this: we look for “comfort” after all that we’ve been through, or we get up and get moving.

I could sleep in, and get that extra half hour or so. But then I wouldn't be able to run, or write my blog. Because that's the only time I have to do it every day. No distractions, no calls, no emails, no demands. Just me and the road and the darkness; and the wonderful, cool, early morning air.

And I'm not just talking about exercise here. I'm talking about that book you want to read, or that business you want to start, or that podcast you want to listen to.

Leisure time is what we give up to do the things that we really want to do. Look at your life. Is it how you want it? What do you need to change?

Change it. Do it. Tomorrow doesn't really exist; tomorrow is just a concept. Only today, only this moment is real. Don't wait until next Monday, or the perfect time. There's no such thing. Look at how you spend your time today and consider how you can do what you really want to do. Then do it the next day, and the next, until it becomes a habit. Until you can't imagine NOT doing it. That's how we make time for what's really important, what's been missing from our life to really make it better.

I hope that you will try this today, as soon as you can. Your life WILL change; nothing huge at first. But you’ll feel better. You’ll look better. Above all else, you will be happier. Why? Because you have made time for what’s really important.


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