Those "La La La" Moments

Sometimes I’m a mother, struggling with the normal situations that any mother of a 13 year old and a young man of 21 can be. It’s either asking about plans, dreams, projects, works and girlfriends, or maybe juggling between homework, cooking, checking out the room, timing the shower and keeping track of chores done. As a mother, I find myself with my hands full and the responsibility of modeling my best attitudes at all times (or so I try).

Sometimes I’m a wife, seeking for ways to take care of a husband, trying to learn new healthy recipes, choosing the movie we’re going to watch (it better be a good one) and managing my time in order to keep a balance.

Sometimes I’m a Life Coach, helping people to figure out their issues, name their emotions as they learn to cope with them, and motivating them to accomplish their goals as they turn their intentions into actions.

Life is full of responsibilities, situations, highs and lows. Full of amazing rewarding moments and very stressful dilemmas. It’s full of decisions we make and consequences of those choices that we only figure out how good or bad they were afterwards, as we learn to live with such.

But life is also full of “la la la” moments… at least mine is.

My “la la la” moments are those times in which the little girl inside of me comes out to play. Those moments in which I am so relaxed, being me, loving myself, feeling joyful and playful, that I immerse myself in my own little world. These are moments in which I’m humming out loud without realizing it; I’m walking through the supermarket aisles without realizing I’m blocking people behind me because I’m too busy browsing through all the products. The moments in which for no reason whatsoever, I’m happy… happy to be me. Happy for the life I have; or should I say grateful?

I have to admit that my “la la la” moments can be annoying and even bother some people around me (specially those out there who are always rushing through life.) And I need to keep an eye on myself not to get too carried away to the point that I hurt others by ignoring their existence.

But, oh my, how I love those moments of pure spontaneous expressions in which I enjoy being alive.

My “la la la” moments are simply priceless!


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