What Is It About? Who Is It For?

Sometimes people ask me why I like to write or what my blog is about. There is no single answer to these questions.

I connected with writing at a very early age, discovering how much I was able to express myself through the lines I wrote and yet feel safe. No one got hurt. I could let my feelings, all my emotions pour out. The people around me saw me as little teenager using whatever excuse I could find to isolate myself. Me with my thoughts. Me with my feelings.

I wrote quotes, poems, songs. I created fictitious characters and even wrote short novels; most of which I never shared. I kept them all to myself.

As I got older, for a long time, I didn’t write at all. It was as if that part of me had died inside. I just couldn’t do it. I still had the desire to write and always envisioned myself as a writer, but at the same time, I could not find the way to get back to my writing.

This blog is what I might call “my intentions being turned into actions”. This is my door to the path, leading the way to my writing passion. For the first time in my life, I am being totally open, sharing what I write and trying to help others as much as possible with my writing.

What is it about? It’s a little bit of EVERYTHING.

It’s about life, love, people, parenthood, relationships, feelings. It’s about discoveries, experiences and emotions; about faith and fear, joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness. It’s about spirituality (not religion), the mind, the heart and the soul. It’s about the past, the present and dreams of the future.

Who is it for? It is for anyone who feels like reading, nurturing the soul. It is for those who at some point have felt like losing hope or at the very lowest point in their lives. It is for those who consider themselves fortunate to have everything they ever wanted, and those who feel they will never accomplish their dreams. It is for the fighters who struggle with life situations and for those who have already found the peace they were looking for.

This blog is for anyone who can relate to the joy, the happiness, the laughter and the positive attitude. But it’s also for those who can relate to the pain, the fear, the despair and the anxiety.

It is for whoever wants to join me along my way to new experiences, finding answers to my questions. It’s about new places to discover.

I write all these things for those who want to witness the journey and where this path is taking me, taking us.

This blog is for you, reading it at this very moment.


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