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The Emotional Café platform offers a dependable resource for people to find the help they need without incurring the expense of a counselor or Professional Life Coach. We reach hundreds of people every day, all over the world by deploying these services and aggressively marketing through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Our presence extends to Pinterest, Instagram and even LinkedIn. To maintain this platform and provide FREE SERVICES we need your help.


We greatly appreciate every donation no matter how small. Every dollar goes directly towards the expenses and resources necessary to continue to provide quality resources that help people achieve their best in life, in their families, their relationships and their professions.

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We ask you to consider becoming a Dedicated Supporter by Donating on a Monthly Basis. Use the links below to send us a message and let us know how you would like to contribute. You can also email us at xio@outsourceinitiatives.com Your efforts will help change the lives of thousands of people every month.

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Emotional Café is made possible by the ongoing support and dedication of our Sponsors. Sponsorship means that we actively promote your Company or Foundation on our pages and include your name/logo in many of the promotions we run.
We offer listings in our Directory of Services for Professionals and Businesses and Banner Advertising Placements on our pages. Some Sponsors can even be included in our Facebook promotions where we regularly reach 100,000 viewers or more every month. To become a Sponsor, email us at xio@outsourceinitiatives.com or

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